Window Squeegees

Tired of cleaning windows that never seem to get clean? The streaks that are left behind almost seem worse than they were before you even laid a hand on the glass. Fear not! We have multiple window squeegees for your every window need! Forget about the left behind lint all over the glass that can never be wiped up or the smudge that gets bigger with every swipe. Cleaning your windows has never been easier! Whether your needs are for a squeegee for a window out of reach or simple easy-to-store glass cleaners, we have exactly what you need!

Microfiber Squeegee

Wholesale Microfiber Squeegee Price: $13.01

Easily remove dirt and road grime from car windows with this convenient...

Telescopic Window Cleaner

Wholesale Telescopic Window Cleaner Price: $16.56

Quickly and safely clean windows with this convenient Telescopic Window Cleaner...

Shower Squeegee And Hanger Set

Wholesale Shower Squeegee And Hanger Set Price: $11.52

Helping Hand Shower Squeegee and Hanger Set help protect against mold, mildew,...

Window Squeegee

Wholesale Window Squeegee Price: $13.59

Perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass, this Window Squeegee is made...

Shower Squeegee With Hanging Hook

Wholesale Shower Squeegee With Hanging Hook Price: $33.62

Ideal for washing windows, shower doors and more, this Shower Squeegee is the...