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Not many particularly like vacuuming. Why not try and make the task a little easier with our mini, battery operated vacuum cleaner or our USB mini vacuum that comes with a brush attachment? Forego lugging out the oversized vacuum cleaner for little jobs that can’t even reach the small spaces. There is already not enough time in the day. Save some of your precious time by using one of our mini vacuums for hard-to-reach spaces or for little everyday touch ups. Do you still need supplies for those bigger, messier cleanup jobs? We do have all the vacuum cleaner bags for your needs!

USB Mini Vacuum With Brush Attachment

Wholesale USB Mini Vacuum With Brush Attachment Price: $40.14

Safely and easily clean all the hard to reach places on computers and electronics...

Vacuum Seal Storage Bag

Wholesale Vacuum Seal Storage Bag Price: $20.43

Great for storing pillows, bedding, towels, clothing and soft toys, this Vacuum...