Toy Jewelry

Does your child love and admire your jewelry and style? Does he or she often play with your adult jewelry and try things on? If so, give your child their very own child-sized toy jewelry. Their creativity and individuality will give them confidence and make you a proud parent. Let them explore their own creativity with a customizable button bracelet. They can make their own buttons, and arrange them to their liking, giving them a true creative outlet! Or, let your child emulate many of the earring designs available for adults with an extensive stick-on earrings set. They will be trying on different and unique styles for days.

Large Stick-On Earrings Set

Wholesale Large Stick-On Earrings Set Price: $24.72

Girls will have enough earrings to last for months with this fun Stick-On...

Sugar Flashing Lights LCD Watch & Adhesive Stickers Set

Wholesale Sugar Flashing Lights LCD Watch & Adhesive Stickers Set Price: $8.66

Add dazzling accents to your look with this Sugar Flashing Lights LCD Watch...

Party Favor Necklace Set Of 4

Wholesale Party Favor Necklace Set Of 4 Price: $10.83

Perfect for party favors and themed parties. These colorful beaded necklace come...

Zipper Bracelet Countertop Display

Wholesale Zipper Bracelet Countertop Display Price: $18.68

Make a colorful and fun fashion statement with these unique Zipper Bracelets....

Scentos Scented Bracelets Set

Wholesale Scentos Scented Bracelets Set Price: $15.81

Wear bright colors and delicious scents with this 4-piece Scentos Scented...