Pill Boxes & Splitters

It’s hard enough to remember to take one pill a day, try adding 5 more to that. Keep yourself healthy by remembering to take your medications. Whether you need a pill box for each day or a day split out by hours, you can find what you need here! For those that have a hard time reading small print, check out our jumbo pill boxes with enlarged letters. We even have pill boxes labeled in Spanish! Do you only need to take half a pill? Don’t worry! We have a tablet cutter for that! Use these products to keep you healthy!

2 In 1 Pocket Tablet Cutter With Storage

Wholesale 2 In 1 Pocket Tablet Cutter With Storage Price: $27.46

Easily cut vitamins or pills for easy swallowing with this convenient 2 in 1...

Deluxe Pill Dispenser

Wholesale Deluxe Pill Dispenser Price: $37.07

Keep track of medications with this Deluxe Pill Dispenser featuring seven...

7-Day Pill Box Set

Wholesale 7-Day Pill Box Set Price: $20.73

Keep medications and vitamins organized with this double pack of 7-Day Pill Boxes...

Pill Tote Key Ring

Wholesale Pill Tote Key Ring Price: $11.12

Great for everyday use, this Pill Tote Key Ring is the perfect way to carry both...

7-Day Spanish Language Pill Case

Wholesale 7-Day Spanish Language Pill Case Price: $19.45

There will be no problems making sure that elderly parents or grandparents get...

Pocket Pill Caddy Set

Wholesale Pocket Pill Caddy Set Price: $19.13

Perfect for traveling, this 2-piece Pocket Pill Caddy Set comes with 2 air tight...