Pest Control

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Do you have problems with flies and other insect pests? If you answered "yes", then we have the right products for you. We have a number of fly and insect swatters, a solar powered LED and UV bug zapper, and an insect screen door with a magnetic closure mechanism to name a few. Our fly are a good way to take out your insect pest problems without the use of harmful pesticides. The fly and insect swatters we have come in a number of different variations depending upon your needs. The solar powered LED and UV bug zapper can operate as either an LED light or as a bug zapper with the flip of a switch. The insect screen door not only keeps the insects out but it also closes automatically after people or pets walk through it.

Extendable Fly Swatter

Wholesale Extendable Fly Swatter Price: $44.12

Easily get rid of annoying flying pests with this extendable fly swatter. Great...

Jumbo Texas Fly Swatter

Wholesale Jumbo Texas Fly Swatter Price: $18.68

Get rid of pests and bugs in a big way with this Jumbo Texas Fly Swatter...

Fly Swatters With Wire Handles

Wholesale Fly Swatters With Wire Handles Price: $25.35

Stop flies in their tracks with this 2-piece Fly Swatters Set featuring two fly...

Vented Fly Swatter Set

Wholesale Vented Fly Swatter Set Price: $19.31

Get rid of pesky flies with this 2-piece Fly Swatter Set featuring vented plastic...

Insect Control Tower USB Mosquito Killer

Wholesale Insect Control Tower USB Mosquito Killer Price: $25.25

Instantly kill flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects with this Insect...