Hot Pads & Trivets

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Hot Pads & Trivets , why use them? One reason to use these is while you are cooking , you would want to be protected from burn injuries. Hot Pads, and Trivets, have been always been around , but the Hot Pads & Trivets of today, in the modern age are better made than they once were. They are made of a lot of different materials, that not only protect, but can be very decorative , and leads also to the protection of our counter tops. Gloves that have Grips for holding handles on sauce pots, and other pans. When we really think about it, why not protect ourselves while cooking?

Bamboo Trivet

Wholesale Bamboo Trivet Price: $27.90

Perfect to place between a serving dish or bowl and a dining table. It will...

Medium Cork Mat Set

Wholesale Medium Cork Mat Set Price: $25.04

Great for resting hot pots and plates on, this 2-piece Medium Cork Mat Set...

Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

Wholesale Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Price: $20.32

Great for cooking, barbecuing, changing light bulbs and more, this pair of Heat...

Multi-Use Silicone Kitchen Mat

Wholesale Multi-Use Silicone Kitchen Mat Price: $18.84

Protect yourself against hot pots and lids and easily open jars and bottles with...

Large Cork Mat

Wholesale Large Cork Mat Price: $30.12

Great for resting hot pots and plates on, this Large Cork Mat features a durable...

Silicone Oven Mitt

Wholesale Silicone Oven Mitt Price: $33.62

Prevent oven burns with this convenient Silicone Oven Mitt. Hands fit easily into...