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With all the different efficient hangers, your closet can be made much simpler. Take advantage of all the opportunities possible and make your clothing much more manageable. The 5-in-1 closet hanger offers an easy way to save closet space and help eliminate wrinkles. Two other types of space saver hangers are also available. If you're planning a vacation and want to pack light, space savers are here! The children's hangers are available for a child’s room. These hangers have a plastic hanger with velvet covering and a metal hook. The non-slip velvet hangers are for adults and have a swivel hook. Velvet hangers create the perfect set of hangers for family vacations or messy children. Lastly, the plastic kids hangers are perfect for hanging accessories as well. The durable plastic is great for those who do not like rust or stains. Satin padded hangers are ideal for delicate items that you do not want wrinkled. The belts and accessories hangers are great for items you want to be immediately available, yet out of the way.

Belt & Accessory Hanger

Wholesale Belt & Accessory Hanger Price: $34.58

Great for jewelry, belts, keys, scarves, purses and hats, this Belt &...