Dust Pans

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Wherever you live, the little bits of dust and dirt that appear can often be the hardest and most irritating to clean. However, with one of the several dust pans available here, your cleaning can become much easier and more pleasant. If you are looking for a convenient combo deal, find one of the available combination dust pan and mini brush sets. With one of these, you can easily sweep up particles of dirt or dust without worrying about purchasing a large broom. If you find it difficult or painful to bend down and sweep, see the long-handled dust pans available. These can allow you to sweep with a broom and pick up the dirt or dust, all without ever bending down.

Long Handled Dust Pan

Wholesale Long Handled Dust Pan Price: $18.52

Great for indoor or outdoor use, this Long Handled Dust Pan features a removable...

Wide Mouth Dust Pan With Rubber Edge

Wholesale Wide Mouth Dust Pan With Rubber Edge Price: $26.31

Great for everyday cleaning, this wide mouth plastic dust pan is a kitchen...