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We have a selection of wooden and plastic clothespins. Great for arts and crafts projects! You can even use them for their original purpose – hang up wet clothes to dry! The plastic clothespin option gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite color for your particular need, whether it be as a clip to close off a chip bag or to plug your nose when changing a dirty diaper. The traditional, wooden clothespin gives you the opportunity to make it your own. Brush on some glue and sprinkle on some glitter for a fabulous paper binder, or glue on some fun googley-eyes or pom-pom balls to the ends for your kids to play with! The use for this item is endless! Go get creative!

24 Count Plastic Spring Clothespins

Wholesale 24 Count Plastic Spring Clothespins Price: $20.58

My Helper 24 Count Plastic Spring Clothespins is perfect for line drying. The...

Multi-Colored Plastic Clothespins

Wholesale Multi-Colored Plastic Clothespins Price: $24.40

Great for hanging laundry, this 40-piece Multi-Colored Plastic Clothespins Set...

50 Count Waxed Hardwood Clothespins

Wholesale 50 Count Waxed Hardwood Clothespins Price: $23.45

These Waxed Hardwood Clothespins are a classic and practical accessory to laundry...

Wooden Clothespins

Wholesale Wooden Clothespins Price: $27.58

Great for arts, crafts, hanging clothes and papers, this 18-piece Wooden...

Four Pack Wood Clothespins

Wholesale Four Pack Wood Clothespins Price: $18.68

four pack wood clothespins

Wooden Clothespins Set

Wholesale Wooden Clothespins Set Price: $14.54

Ideal for hanging laundry as well as other household tasks and craft projects,...

Multi-Color Plastic Clothespins

Wholesale Multi-Color Plastic Clothespins Price: $44.83

Perfect for hanging sheets, towels, clothing and more, this 24-piece Multi-Color...