We have a selection of wooden and plastic clothespins. Great for arts and crafts projects! You can even use them for their original purpose – hang up wet clothes to dry! The plastic clothespin option gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite color for your particular need, whether it be as a clip to close off a chip bag or to plug your nose when changing a dirty diaper. The traditional, wooden clothespin gives you the opportunity to make it your own. Brush on some glue and sprinkle on some glitter for a fabulous paper binder, or glue on some fun googley-eyes or pom-pom balls to the ends for your kids to play with! The use for this item is endless! Go get creative!

Multi-Color Plastic Clothespins

Wholesale Multi-Color Plastic Clothespins Price: $34.35

Perfect for hanging sheets, towels, clothing and more, this 24-piece Multi-Color...

Wooden Clothespins Set

Wholesale Wooden Clothespins Set Price: $14.64

Ideal for hanging laundry as well as other household tasks and craft projects,...

Wooden Clothespins

Wholesale Wooden Clothespins Price: $27.78

Great for arts, crafts, hanging clothes and papers, this 18-piece Wooden...