Cleaning Gloves

Avoid the nuisance of cracked and dried out hands from your everyday cleaning. Prevent exposure of your delicate hands to the harmful chemicals used to deep clean your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. We have a wide selection of cleaning gloves. Whether you prefer reusable or disposable gloves, colored or clear gloves, microfiber or latex gloves, even gloves that reach up past your wrist, we have what you are looking for! We have single pairs of gloves that can be used over and over or for those that go through them too quickly we have multipacks. You want to keep your house clean. Make sure your hands stay clean, too.

Bathroom Cleaning Gloves With Nylon Cuffs

Wholesale Bathroom Cleaning Gloves With Nylon Cuffs Price: $21.26

Perfect for deep cleaning and everyday use, these Bathroom Cleaning Gloves...

Dura-Touch Small Powdered Plastic Gloves

Wholesale Dura-Touch Small Powdered Plastic Gloves Price: $19.93

Perfect for serving food and cleaning, these Dura-Touch Small Powdered Plastic...

Disposable Gloves

Wholesale Disposable Gloves Price: $16.88

Perfect for home or professional use, these Disposable Gloves will protect hands...