Brooms & Mops

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Everyone needs a basic collection of home cleaning supplies. Whether you simply want to round out yours, are starting from nothing, or just looking to upgrade some old equipment, our collection can meet your needs. Pick up just one or many of our great products and you can begin to improve your homes cleanliness right away. Stop settling for your old ineffective gear and upgrade to our line of low cost, high quality brooms and mops.

Extendable Window Scraper

Wholesale Extendable Window Scraper Price: $17.96

extendable window scraper

Microfiber Mop Sleeve

Wholesale Microfiber Mop Sleeve Price: $15.97

Ideal for cleaning floors, this Microfiber Mop Sleeve features an absorbent...

Microfiber Cloth Mop

Wholesale Microfiber Cloth Mop Price: $7.90

The key to keeping hard floors looking nice is making sure dust stays at bay....

Twist Floor Mop

Wholesale Twist Floor Mop Price: $7.28

The twist floor mop has a super absorbent head, easily picks up messes and has an...