Bath Caddies

This bath caddy is perfect for people on the move. Maybe you have multiple showers that you utilize and don't want to duplicate your day to day showering items. Say you have a separate shower by the pool. Perfect solution--just pick up the bath caddy out of your normal day to day shower and place it in the pool area shower--thus not having people run through the house wet. Maybe you have a shower near a guest room that is only used several times a year. Just take it out of its storage area and put it in the guest bathroom before the guests arrive. Already clean, no dust. Hassle free. Travel a lot--have all your necessary bathroom take-alongs all ready to go. Hassle free, and ready to go.

Bath Tumbler With Suction Cups

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Hanging Shower Basket

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Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy

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Mesh Bath Baskets Set

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