This category contains a variety of different bandages that you can purchase. This can be used by anyone who needs bandages for themselves, kids, family or just want to have some on hand in case of an accident. They offer products to fit your specific and personal needs. For example, we have bandages that are kid friendly with designs on them. They have latex free band aids for people who are allergic to latex or cannot be in contact with it. We also feature flexible bandages for people who are active and needs something to fit their lifestyle. If you are not attracted to plain bandages you can purchase color ones for an affordable price. If you suffer from larger injuries and need something bigger than a band aid you can purchase sterile gauze rolls or wrap bandages to protect your wounds and decrease the risk of infection.

Bandages With Kids Designs

Wholesale Bandages With Kids Designs Price: $30.66

Great for helping wounds heal faster, this 50-piece Bandages with Kids Designs...

Invisible Bandages

Wholesale Invisible Bandages Price: $25.86

Invisible bandages are ideal for use while swimming, washing, showering and more...

First Aid Kit In Easy Access Carrying Case

Wholesale First Aid Kit In Easy Access Carrying Case Price: $13.91

Ideal for home, car, or office, this First Aid Kit features 210 assorted first...

Wrap Bandage Rolls

Wholesale Wrap Bandage Rolls Price: $13.68

Ideal for wrapping arms, legs, hands or feet, these Wrap Bandage Rolls are soft,...

Flexible Fabric Bandages

Wholesale Flexible Fabric Bandages Price: $29.38

Great for everyday cuts and scrapes, this 50-piece box of sterile Fabric Bandages...